Catholicism 201 has been "an answer to a prayer" for Catholics all over the world. Read some testimonials on the success of the series.

“Catholicism 201 has been an answer to prayer. We initially ran it to fill in the gaps of Alpha, it has accomplished this and more. We now use it as the introductory sessions to RCIA as well as a solid reintroduction for

Catholics returning home. The course is trustworthy in its theology and easy to listen to. I recommend it to any parish who want to take their people from a personal encounter with Christ to a personal encounter with the Church.”

Fr. Michael Gielen
Parish Priest
St. Thomas More
Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand



“Catholicism 201 has opened up a huge reservoir of suppressed, unanswered questions that have been eating away at the hearts of some long-time Catholics. It has given us not only an opportunity to talk about these deeply felt issues, but also a framework for examining them.”

Nancy Laver
Alpha Team at St. Raphael’s Parish
Burlington, ON



“I have been involved in the RCIA program for more than ten years. It is always a challenge to find meaningful, good quality, easy to understand material. Catholicism 201 is a delightful addition to our program.”

Bill Spears
Holy Trinity Pastoral Unit
Lower Sackville, NS



“Catholicism 201 is an excellent resource that is perfectly suited to be used as a catechetical follow-up to the Alpha course in a Catholic parish. Fr James Mallon has developed a series that goes beyond Alpha, presenting the teaching of the Catholic Church in a fun and informal way and in a real-life parish context. I would recommend this resource to anyone wishing to explore the sacraments and the teaching of the Church.”

Kitty Kay-Shuttleworth
Alpha for Catholics
Alpha International
London, UK



“If I were to advertise a talk on the moral teachings of the Catholic Church I wouldn’t expect to get too many parishioners coming out. By using Catholicism 201, the crowd gathers and sensitive topics are presented by an outsider, allowing the insider (the pastor) to expand on the to pic and answer questions. At the conclusion of ‘Thorny Issues’, which is a good teaser for the last topic (people look forward to it), I was able to answer many questions that normally would not be asked.”

Father Terence Brock
Sacred Heart Parish
Terrace, BC



“I can’t say enough about it. It’s just so good.” (Regarding Session 3 on the Eucharist) “It’s the best talk I have ever heard on the Eucharist. It’s awesome, just awesome!”

Olive Goertzen
Coordinator of RCIA
St. Anthony’s Parish
Drayton Valley, AB



“We have a diocesan catechetical certificate program as well as a parish catechist formation program. Catholicism 201 is a perfect complementary resource for people who have taken these programs and would like more. As well we highly recommend it as a follow up to Alpha. It is a precious resource to us.”

Deacon Michael Soentgerath
Diocesan Director
Religious Education Secretariat & Health Care Apostolate
R.C. Diocese of Calgary



“We found Catholicism 201 to be an exciting, informative series, and ran it in parallel with our Alpha Course, as an Alpha follow-on. The teachings were well presented by Fr. Mallon, of good video quality, and consistently Roman Catholic. The evaluations indicated that 100% of the respondents would recommend it to others.”

Dick Hertel
Administrator of Alpha Course
St. Bonaventure
Bloomington, Minnesota, USA