John Paul II Media Institute

In fidelity to a calling to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to a world in desperate need of Him, the John Paul II Media Institute (JPIIMI) seeks to fulfill this mandate through education in, and production of, media that advances the Kingdom of God.

The JPIIMI is thus both an educational institute and a professional production house that offers reasonably priced, high-quality media services for churches and church groups through a network of Christian media professionals and highly trained volunteers, all of whom are motivated by faith.

To date the most far reaching production associated with the JPIIMI has been Catholicism 201. In actuality this Catholic follow-up to The Alpha Course predates the formation of the JPIIMI, both as concept and a production - hence the lower quality camera work.

Since its foundation the JPIIMI has produced a variety of resources and materials, all of which may be explored on the Institute's website: www.jp2mi.ca