Spanish Version now available!

Catholicism 201 has now been translated into Spanish.

International Growth Continues

Besides its availability in a Chinese bookstore in Hong Kong, Catholicism 201 has now been run in more than 20 countries and is being translated into Spanish. Please contact our office or visit our Locations maps to find a program near you!

New manuals printed; course expands to Singapore

The 4th edition of the Catholicism 201 Manuals has been printed.  We would like to thank you, the participants, for its success. The program has now been featured in 16 countries, including Singapore.

Catholicism 201 found in 15 different countries

Catholicism 201 is now in Canada, U.S.A., Trinidad & Tobago, Scotland, England, Ireland, Russia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Barbados, Malaysia and The Philippines.

Fr. James Speaks at Alpha International Week

While on vacation to Europe, Father James took a three day detour to take part in the International Alpha Conference at HTB.  There were over 1,500 delegates and the Catholics represented the single largest group.  In addition, there were 22 Catholic Bishops at the conference (most from South America) and about 50 priests.  It was an amazing experience to hear about the growth of Alpha in the Catholic Church in places like Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Malaysia and Colombia.

Father James had an opportunity during the workshops to speak about Catholicism 201 and many participants expressed an interest in the course, including several Spanish speakers who spoke about a possible Spanish translation.

Catholicism 201 featured by Alpha for Catholics International

We are very excited to have been invited by the Alpha for Catholics International Office to attend the International Week at Holy Trinity Bromption (HTB) this Summer and have an opportunity to present Catholicism 201.  We will be participating in several workshops on June 8-9th and will have a display table for Catholicism 201 on Tuesday the 9th of June.  This event will take place from June 7-11th.

We are also excited that we are now featured on the Alpha for Catholics Website.

Catholicism 201 Translated into Chinese with help from Archdiocese of Hong Kong

Who would have thought!   We are working with the Archdiocese of Hong Kong to produce Catholicism 201 in Chinese and we are almost finished. The entire course has been translated into traditional and simplified Chinese and the subtitles have been prepared.  We are now working on the documentation and DVD jacket and labels.  Our contacts in Hong Kong hope to bring Catholicism 201 into China.

Catholicism 201 Manual Published; Conference held in Trinidad & Tobago

First Ever Catholicism 201 Conference
Trinidad and Tobago here we come!  Check out the conference link under "ABOUT" above for news of this exciting development.

Catholicism 201 Manual Published
Please see the link in the menu above about news of our newly published manual.

Order from Nigeria puts course on every Continent

A recent order from Nigeria now puts our course running in every continent:  Catholicism 201 is now running in Canada, U.S.A., Trinidad, Scotland, England, Ireland, Russia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand and Nigeria.